Son of Thoppil Bhasi, one the foremost playwrights in Kerala, Ajayan has a diploma in film technology from the Adyar Film Institute. He started his career as a camera assistant and worked as an associate director with Thoppil Bhasi, Bharathan and Padmarajan. He has also worked as a cinematographer for some Tamil films and directed many documentaries.

Perumthachan - 1990
(The Master Carpenter)

Perumthachan is a legendary figure from Kerala. His name literally means 'the great carpenter', but he was much more than that. Unsurpassed as a wood-carver, sculptor and architect, his creations were so exquisite that he was considered a reincarnation of the architect of the gods.

Born of a Brahmin father and low-caste mother, Perumthachan was supposed to have been abandoned in his childhood and not accepted among Brahmins as an equal, even though he had read the religious texts and was a learned man. His close association with a rich Brahmin family led to his carving an image of a goddess for them. The beauty of the Brahmin householder's wife caught his imagination and he carved the face of the goddess in her mould. A man of very upright moral values, Perumthachan felt drawn to the woman, but remembered his place and moved away.

Years later, when his son has grown into a young man of great beauty and talent, Perumthachan feels threatened by his growing reputation. Moreover, he is disturbed by his son's capacity to manipulate his clients and the strain of unscrupulousness in him which is a mark of the new, more materialistic and self-centred generation. Going back to the house of the same rich Brahmin for whom Perumthachan had carved the image of the goddess years ago, the young man designs and supervises the building of a temple. In a repetition of his father's experience, he falls in love with the daughter of the house, but unlike his father, he has no scruples about being of a lower caste. Seeing that the scandal is slowly destroying his old patron, the father of the girl, Perumthachan comes to oversee the building of the temple. He finds he cannot control his son and while giving the final touches to the dome of the temple, drops his chisel deliberately on his son's neck and kills him.

Direction: Ajayan
Story & Screenplay: M T Vasudevan Nair
Cast: Thilakan, Nedumudi Venu, Prasanth, Monisha, Vinaya Prasad
Cinematography: Santosh Sivan
Editing: M S Money
Music: Johnson

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