anjali menon

Manjadikuru - 2008
(Lucky Red Seeds)

The film represent the memories seen through the young eyes of Vicky- one of the millions of Indian children raised outside their country. In the mid 1970s, 10-year-old Vicky arrives in Kerala, to attend his grandfather's funeral.

Vicky's ancestral home is a beautiful cavernous house in a rural Kerala village. The disjointed big family has come together at the otherwise desolate home. The traditional funeral rites of sixteen days, lay the perfect ground to relive all their mutual quirks and past tensions.

In midst of the infighting, Vicky befriends the children. The innocent beliefs of the children exist parallel to the cynical distrust of the adults. But story that evolves in the midst of this is about someone else - Roja- the servant girl who is neither child nor adult, neither insider nor outsider. With her, Vicky and the children journey through an experience that steals their innocence from them, replacing it with misplaced guilt.

Decades later Vicky returns to his ancestral home to tell us about those sixteen days that left indelible impressions on all their lives.

Direction & Screenplay: Anjali Menon
Cast: Pritviraj, Urvashi, Rahman, Jagathi Sreekumar, Thilakan, Murli, Kaviyur Ponnamma, Padmapriya, Bindu Panicker, Sindhu Menon, Poojapura Ravi
Cinematography: Pietro Zuercher
Editing: B Lenin
Music: Ramesh Narayan

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