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Born in Kottayam, Kerala, G Aravindan was well known to the readers of Kerala through his cartoon serial Cheriya Manushyarum Valya Lokavum (Small Men and the Big World), which appeared in the Mathrubhoomi journal during the early 1960s, even before he started with films. The cartoon serial chronicled the adventures of its characters, Ramu and Guruji.

No work of art directly or indirectly change society or human beings. However, cinema has the power to influence the human mind. Talking about good cinema….I believe that any act of a human being committed with sincerity and conviction is good. So is the case with cinema, if it is born out of one's conviction, it cannot be but be good.

Aravindan was part of a group of modernist artist based in Kozhikode, represented particularly by artist Devan, playwright Thikkodiyan and writer Pattathuvila Karunakaran. Aravindan's first film, Uttarayanam came out of this group, produced by Pattathuvila and story written by Thikkodiyan. The early films of Aravindan, as part of this group were highly influenced by the spiritualism of satirist Sanjayan and the mystic paintings of K C S Pankcker.

Aravindan kept changing his cinematic forms consistently during his film career spanning almost fifteen years, from his first film Uttarayanam (1974) to his last film Vasthuhara (1990). Aravindan successfully went beyond the limits and styles of filmmaking created by the new wave filmmakers of that time. This journey towards new facets of narrative included current incidents, history, myths and traditional stories. He also occasionally directed music for other filmmakers.

Aravindan took active part in theatre movements in Kerala. He associated with playwright Srikantan Nair and later helped start the Navarangam and Sopanam theatre groups.

Aravindan died on 16th January, 1991.


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