Agni - 1978

Novelist C Radhakrishnan's debut feature film, based on his own novel, Agni tells the story of a butcher, Moosa, whose daughter Amina runs away with Suleman, a murder accused. Moosa furiously pursues the lovers, but eventually realises the feelings of his now-pregnant daughter and blesses the couple.

Direction & Screenplay: C Radhakrishnan
Cast: Madhu, Balan K Nair, Vidhubala, Bahadur, Vilasini
Cinematography: U Rajagopal
Music: A T Oomer

Ottayadipaathakal - 1990
(The Narrow Footpaths)

The film develops around the family comprising Bhaskara Menon, an old judge, his mentally retarded son and his daughter Sati. His nephew Anup coverts Sati, but she refuses to marry him as she wants to devote her life nursing her father and brother. Things changes as the son gets electrocuted, the result of mercy killing by his father, the judge. The father goes crazy and Sati decides to marry Anup.

Direction & Screenplay: C Radhakrishnan
Cast: Madhu, Sreenath, Revathi, Kaviyoor Ponnama
Cinematography: Sunny Joseph
Music: Mohan Sitara

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