Malayalam documentaries and short films

Bhoomikkoru Charamageetham - 2006
(A Requiem to Mother Earth)

Based on O N V Kurup's poem, the film voices grave concern for the imminent destruction of earth and its inhabitancies, if we continue with the self-destructive spell of exploitation and abuse of this one and only adobe of ours. It is an outcry to protect the very earth, its environment and the civilization built on it over centuries and the value that we inherited over generations from the onslaught of nuclear proliferation, deforestation, environmental pollution etc.

Direction: R.Sarath
Cast: Kavya Madhavan, Ramya Nambeesan, Arun Shyamnath
Cinematography: M J Radhakrishnan
Editing: Mahesh Narayanan
Music: G Devarajan, Joy Nadabrahma

Cineku - 2006

Cineku is a unique New Genre of short film created by the Director Ramachandra Babu, combining Cinema with the Form of Japanese Haiku Poems. This anthology consists of six Cineku films based on short poems by the director - 'Fire' shows how it can be used for illuminating a lamp, lighting a kitchen hearth as well as igniting a destructive Bomb, 'Leading Hands' depicts the hand that helps in very stage of life, while 'Doctor' show how injection syringes can be used for curing by Doctors, as how injection syringes can be used for curing by Doctors, as well as for intoxication by Addicts, 'Suicide' is about the tragic-comic result of a suicide attempt, 'Knife' is about utility, creativity and destructivity and finally 'Kiss of Life' shows the happiness of a young people in love and the tragic end.

Direction, Screenplay & Cinematography: K Ramachandra Babu

The Mother - 2006

In the 90's some of the North Indian states witnessed attacks against Christian missionaries. While reaching at the Mission school in Bhuvaneswar, Sister Maria is brutally raped. She gets pregnant and is sent back to Kerala. She is shut in a lonely room in a convent where she is torn between her own vows of chastity and the forced motherhood. Faced with the reality of the church's hard kept rules, she is made to take a decisionů

Direction, Screenplay & Cinematography: Jithu Kolayad
Cast: Rimina, A V Saraswathi, Shukkur Max, Vijaya Kumar Blathur

Thousand Days and a Dream - 2006

A film on the four and a half years old anti-coca cola struggle in Plachimada, Kerala. Perhaps no other agitation in recent times in Kerala has attracted national and global attention like this one.

The film captures the spirit of the anti coca cola struggle, trace the history of the struggle and discuss the several issues raised by the struggle. It also documents the poignant moments of the struggle and shares the dreams and sorrows of some of the active participants of the struggle.

Direction: P Baburaj, C Sarathchandran
Cinematography: Ajith, Joji, sarat
Editing: Ajithkumar B, C Sarathchandran
Music: Chandran Veyyattummel

Abhinetri - 2006
(The Actress)

Based on the life and experience of the veteran Malayalam actress Nilambur Aysha, this film introspects upon the state of being an actress. She hails from a traditional Muslim family in North Kerala and was drawn to theatre through progressive art movement and communist party. Her life on and off stage is one of struggles for survival and expression and against patriarchy and all kinds of oppression.

Direction: A V Sashidharan
Cinematography: Sudhir

Minukku - 2006

The documentary is on the life and art of celebrated Kathakali performer Kottakkal Sivaraman. The film is shot in his village Karalmanna in Palakkad district. Veteran Malayalam film actor Nedumudi Venu is appearing in the film as a guest and interact with Kottakal Sivaraman. Distinguished Cartoonist E P Unny portrays important moments of Sivaraman and Kathakali performance. The film tries to evoke the artist's childhood and captures the unique acting moments of the artist.

Direction: M R Rajan
Screenplay: T V Venu
Cinematography: Venu
Editing: A V Narayanan

A K G - 2007

A short docu-fiction by Shaji Karun, AKG zooms in on the life and times of A.K. Gopalan, one of the pioneers of the communist movement in Kerala and a messiah to the poor and the downtrodden.

A K Gopalan, who was the leader of the opposition in the parliament, had a vision that encompassed the welfare of the ordinary people and the proletariat class. The film presents slices from AKG's life blended with a voice-over narration where AKG tells his own story.

Direction: Shaji N Karun
Cast: P Sreekumar, Archana, Dr M P Parameswaran, Punnaththil Kunjabdullah, Ashish Verma, Shubha Sharma
Cinematography: M R Sadidharan
Editing: Mahesh Naryan

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