International Film Festival of Kerala [IFFK 2007] .

The International Film Festival of Kerala is a yearly event organised by the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy on behalf of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala. The 12th edition of IFFK will be held at Thiruvananthapuram (formerly known as Trivandrum), the capital city of Kerala in the South of India from 7th - 14th December 2007.

Competition section restricted to films produced or co-produced in Asia, Africa & Latin America between September 2006 & August 2007.

Other section includes world cinema, documentaries (in film formats), short fiction (in film formats), retrospectives, homage and tributes.

[List of films Courtesy:]

Inaugural Film

Buddha collapsed out of shame
[Iran / farsi/81 mins/2007]
Dir: Hana Makhmalbaf
[Official Site] [Synopsis]

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Competition section

Teeth of Love/Ai Qing de Ya Chi
Dir. Zhuang Yuxin
[China/Chinese/114 mins/35mm/2007]
[Synopsis] [Review]

Suely in the sky/o Cue de Suely
Dir. Karim ainouz
[Brazil/Portuguese/110 mins/35mm/2007]
[Synopsis] [Review]

El Rey de San Gregorio
Dir. Alfonso Gazitua

Turtle family/Familia Tortuga
Dir. Ruben Imaz
[Mexico/spanish/136 mins/35mm/2007]
[Synopsis] [Review]

The Old garden
Dir. Im Sang Soo
[South korea, Korean/112 mins/2006]

10+4/Das be alaveh Chahar
Dir. Mania akbari
[Iran/Farsi/77 mins/35mm/2007]

Dir. Lucia Puenzo
[Argentina/Spanish/90 mins/35mm/Apr-07]
[Synopsis] [Review]

Sleepwalking Land/Terra somnambula
Dir. Teressa Prata
[Synopsis] [Review]

Casket for hire/Ataul for Rent
Dir. Neal buboy Tan
[Philipines/Tagalog/93 mins/35mm/2007]

Getting Home/Luo Ye Gui Gen
Dir. Zhang Yang
[Hongkong, China/Chinese/97 mins/35mm/2007]
[Synopsis] [Review]

Dir. Abdullah Oguz
[Turkey/Turkish/105 mins/35mm/2007]

Lord! Let the Devil Steal my Soul/Probhu noshto Hoi Jai
Dir. Agnidev Chatterjee
[India/Bengali/100 mins/35mm/2007]

Four Women/Naalu Pennungal
Dir. Adoor gopalakrishnan
[India/Malayalam/105 mins/35mm/2007]

Dir. P.T. Kunhi muhhammed
[India/Malayalam/134 mins/35mm/2007]

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Indian Cinema Today

Dir. Anand Subramaniam
[India/Hindi/114 mins/35mm/Dec-06]

Gandhi, My father
Dir. Feroze Khan
[India/English/122 mins/2007]

Manorama-Six Feet under/ Manorama-Six Feet under
Dir. Navdeep Singh

Dir. Sachin Kundalkar
[Marathi/130 mins/35mm/Nov 06]
[Official Site]

Zero Zone/Shoonya
Dir. Arindam Mitra
[Hindi/101 mins/35mm/6-Oct]

68 pages/68 pages
Dir. Sridhar Rangayan
[India/Hindi/92 mins/digital/May-07]

Staying Alive
Dir. Anant Mahadevan

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Malayalam Cinema Today

Dir. Shaji N. Karun

Dir. Ranjith
[India/Malayalam/97 mins/35mm/Oct-06]

Dir. Rosshan Andrews
[India/Malayalam/145 mins/35mm/Dec-06]

The Sea within/Ore kadal
Dir. Shyamaprasad
[India/Malayalam/120 mins/35mm/Aug-07]

Rathri Mazha
Dir. Lenin Rajendran

Dir. Avira rebecca

Dir. Babu Thiruvalla

Dir. Murali Nair
[India, france/Malayalam/82 mins/1.85/mono optical/Jan-07]

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World Cinema

After the Wedding/Efter brylluppet
Dir: Susane Bier
[Synopsis] [Review]

Curse of the Golden Flower/Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia
[Honk Kong-China/Mandarin/35mm/Colour/114’/2006]
Dir: Zhang Yimou
[Official Site]

The Art of Crying/Kunsten at grćde i kor
Dir:Peter Schonau Fog
[Synopsis] [Review]

Pan’s Labyrinth/El Laberinto del Fauno
Dir: Guillermo del Toro
[Official Site]

The Boss of It All/Direktören för det hele
Dir: Lars Von Trier
[Official Site] [Von Trier Interview]

The Lark House/La Masseria Delle Allodole
Dir: Paolo Taviani, Vitorio Taviani

Syndromes and a Century/Sang Sattawat
[Thailand / France / Austria –Thai/ Color/105 ‘/2006]
Dir: ApichantpongWeerasethakul
[Official Site] [Review]

Goodbye Bafana
[Germany-France -Belgium -South Africa -Italy -UK
-Luxembourg,/English – Xhosa/ Color/140’ / 2007]
Dir: Bille Auguste
[Official site]

Voyage of the Red Balloon/Le Voyage Du Balloon Rouge
[France/French/Color/113’/ 2007]
Dir: Hsiao- hsien Hou
[Synopsis] [Review]

The Man from London
[France - Germany –Hungary/ Hungarian/Black and White/132’/ 2007]
Dir: Bela Tarr
[Synopsis] [Review]

Calle Santa Fe
[Chile / France / Belgium-Spanish /Color/163’/2007]
Dir: Carmen Castillo
[Synopsis] [Review]

[Russia/Russian /35mm/Colour/157’/2007]
Dir: Andrei Zvyagintsev
[Synopsis] [Review]

Chaos/Heya Fawda
[France-Egypt/Arabic /35mm/Colour /124’ /2007]
Dir: Youssef Chahine, Khaled Youssef
[Synopsis] [Review]

Daratt/Dry Season
[France- Belgium-Chad/Arabic/35mm/colour/96’/2006]
Dir: Mahamat-Saleh Haroun
[Synopsis] [Review]

Mourning Forest/Mogari no Mori
Dir: Naomi Kawase
[Synopsis] [Review]

[Thailand/Thai /35mm/colour/105’/2007]
Dir: Pen-Ek Ratanaruang
[Synopsis] [Review]

Not Here To be Loved/Je ne suis pas lŕ pour ętre aimé
Dir: Stephane Brize
[Synopsis] [Review]

[France/French/35 mm/Colour/91’/2005]
Dir:Bruno Dumont
[Official Site] [Review]

Dir:Alexander Sokhurov
[Synopsis] [Sokurov Official Site] [Review]

[Trinidad and Tobago/English/35mm/Colour/72’/2006]
Dir: Yao Ramesar
[Official Site] [Synopsis]

Lives of Others/Das Leben der Anderen
Dir:Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
[Synopsis] [Review]

Road to Guantanamo
[UK/English-Urdu/35mm/Color/95 min/2006]
Dir: Mat Whitecross, Michael Winterbottom
[Official Site]

[Argentina-Greece-Poland / Spanish /35mm/ Color /80’/2007]
Dir: Inés de Oliveira Cézar

www. What a wonderful world
[France-Morocco-Germany/ French-Arabic/35mm/Color/99’/2006]
Dir: Faouzi Bensaďdi

Upa an Argentinian Film/UPA! Una película argentina
Dir.Tamae Garateguy,Santiago Giralt,Camila Toker
[Synopsis] [Review]

What I Know About Lola/Lo que sé de Lola
[France-Spain/French / Spanish/35mm/Color/112’/2006]
Dir: Javier Rebollo
[Official Site]

The International/Beynelmilel
Directed- Muharrem Gulmez, Sirri Sureyya Onder

The Grocer’s Son/Le Fils De L’epicier
Dir: Eric Guirado

The Rind/La cáscara
Dir: Carlos Aeglio

Dir: Ivan Solovov
[Synopsis] [Review]

The Old Garden/Orae-doen jeongwon
[South Korea/Korean/35mm/Colour/112’/2006]
Dir: Im Sang-soo

Dir:Pantelis Voulgaris
[Official Site]

Because of Love/Z mi?o?ci
Dir: Leszek Wosiewicz

Me Myself
Dir: Pongpat Wachirabunjong
[Official Site] [Synopsis]

Unfinished Stories/Ravayathaye Natamam
Dir: Pourya Azarbayjani
[Synopsis] [Review]

Lost In Beijing/Ping guo
Dir: Li Yu
[Synopsis] [Review]

4 Months, 3 Weeks And 2 Days/4 Luni, 3 Saptamini Si 2 Zile
Dir: Cristian Mungiu
[Synopsis] [Review]

[South Africa/Africaans/video/colour/80mins/2007]
Dir:Daryl Roodt

My Brother is an Only Child
[Italy,France/Italian/100 mins/colur/35mm/2007]
Dir: Dannielle Luchetti

[Venezuela,Spain/Spanish/102 mins/35mm/colour/2006]
Dir: Solveig Hoogesteijn

Ballroom Dancing
[Italy/Italian/80 mins/35mm/colour/2007]
Dir:Claudio Antonini

Crossing the dust/Parinawa la Ghobar
[Iran/Farsi/100 mins/35mm/colour/2006]
Dir:Shawkat amin Korki
[Synopsis] [Review]

Dir:Tamar van den Dop

[Bratislavia/112 mins/35mm/colour/2007]
Dir: Drazen Zarkovic

I was a swiss banker
[Switzerland/English/75 mins/35mm/colour/2007]
Dir. Thomas Imbach
[Official Site]

Monkeys in Winter
Dir:Milena andanova

[Macedonia,germany,italy, Bulgaria, spain/Greek/120 mins/35mm/colour/2007]
Dir:Milcho Manchevski

Silent Light
[Mexico, France/127 mins/plautdiesch/35mm/colour/2007]
Dir:Carlos reygadas
[Official Site]

[Switzerland/Swiss German/35mm/Colour/87’/2007]
Dir:Christian Ziörjen , Jan Gassmann
[Official Site]

Emotional arithmetic
[Canada/English/90 mins/35mm/colour/2007]
Dir. Paolo Barzan

Changement of addresse/Change of Address
Dir: Emmanuel Mouret

Homesung stories
Dir.Tony Aires

Azure and Asmar
[France/French/99 mins/2006]
Dir.Michel Ocilet

Glory to the filmmaker
[Japan/Japanese/102 mins/2007]
Dir.Takeshi Kitano
[Synopsis] [Official Site]

Night train/ Ye che
[China, hongkong/ 94 mins/ 35mm colour 2007]
Dir. Diao Yinan
[Official Site]

[Ireland/Uk, Irish/95 mins/35mm/2007]
Dir:Lenny Abrahamson

Cobrador, In god We Trust
[Mexico/ Spanish/110 mins/2006]
Dir:Paul Leduc
[Official Site]

A ton of Luck
[Columbia/Spanish/97 mins/2006]
Dir:Rodrigo Triana

Buddha collapsed out of shame
[Iran / farsi/81 mins/2007]
Dir: Hana Makhmalbaf
[Official Site] [Synopsis]

Along came the tourists
[Germany/ german/ 35mm, colour/2006]
Dir: Robert Thalheim

California Dreaming
[Romania/ 35, colour/2007]
Dir: Christian Nemescu

Fishdreams/Sonhos de Peixe
[ Brazil, Russia, USA/Portuguese/110 mins/2006]
Dir: Kirill Michanovsky

[South Korea/Korean/126 mins/2006]
Dir: Kim Ki Duk

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Jiri Menzel Retro

[Biography] [Interview]

Larks on a string/Skrivánci na niti
dir:Jiri menzel

Snowdrop festival/Slavnosti Snezenek
dir:Jiri menzel

My sweet little village/Vesnicko má stredisková
dir:Jiri menzel

The end of old time/Konec starych casu
dir:Jiri menzel

Closely guarded train/Closely Watched Trains/Ostre sledované vlaky
dir:Jiri menzel
[Review] [Synopsis]

Capricious Summer/Rozmarné léto
dir:Jiri menzel

I served the king of England/Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále
[Czech Republic-Slovakia/Czech/120’/2006]
dir:Jiri menzel

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Pedro Almadovar Retro

[Biography] [Official Site]

Dark habits/Entre tinieblas
dir: Pedro almodovar

All about my mother
[Spain /France/Spanish / Catalan / English/101’ /1999]
dir: Pedro almodovar

[Spain -France/Spanish/114’/1993]
dir: Pedro almodovar

Talk to her/Hable con ella
dir: Pedro almodovar

Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown/Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios
dir: Pedro almodovar

Flowers of my secret/Flor de mi secreto, La
[Spain,France/Spanish,French/103’/ 1995]
dir: Pedro almodovar

To Return/Volver
dir: Pedro almodovar

Bad Education/La mala Education
[Spain/Spanish – Latin/106’/2004]
dir: Pedro almodovar

Live Flesh/Carne Tremula
[France – Spain/Spanish –Italian/1997]
dir: Pedro almodovar

High Heels/Tacones Lejanos
[Spain -France/Spanish/112’/1991]
dir: Pedro almodovar

Labyrinth of Passion
[Spain -France/Spanish/100/1982]
dir: Pedro Almodovar');"> [Synopsis]

What have I done to deserve this
dir:Pedro almodovar

Law of desire
[spain france/spanish/102/1986]
dir:Pedro almodovar

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Im Kwon-teak Retro

[Biography] [Films]

[South Korea/korean/1993]
dir:Im Kwon taek

The Tae Black mountains
[South Korea/korean/1994]
dir:Im Kwon taek

[South Korea/korean/2000]
dir:Im Kwon taek

The general's Son 1
[South Korea/korean/1990]
dir:Im Kwon taek

The general's Son 2
[South Korea/korean/1991]
dir:Im Kwon taek

Surrogate Mother/sibaji
[South Korea/korean/1987]
dir:Im Kwon taek

[South Korea/korean/1996]
dir:Im Kwon taek

[South Korea/korean/2001]
dir:Im Kwon taek

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Ingmar Bergman

[Official Site] [Biography]

Seventh seal/Det Sjunde Inseglet
dir:Ingmar bergman

Cries and whispers/Viskingar och rop
dir:Ingmar bergman

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Antonioni Homage


La ventura/L’ Avventura

Red Desert/Il Deserto Roso

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Isvan Gaal Homage


dir:Istvan Gaal

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Osmane Sembene Homage

[Biography] [Interview]

dir:Osmane Sembene

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In our time/Guangyinde gushi
dir:Edward Yang

That day on the beach/Haitan deyitian
dir:Edward Yang

The Terrorizers/Kongbu fenzi
dir:Edward Yang

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Sreeraman Homage


dir:T. V. chandran

dir:K.R. Mohanan

dir:G aravindan

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P Bhaskaran Homage

[Biography] [Films]

dir:P. Bhaskaran');"> [Synopsis]

Rarichanennu Pauzan
dir:P. Bhaskaran

Thorkatha Vaathil
dir:P. Bhaskaran

dir:P. Bhaskaran

Irritinte atmave
dir:P. Bhaskaran

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K K Mahajan


Bhuvon Shome/Bhuvon Shome
dir:Mrinal Sen

Khayal Gatha
dir:Kumar Shahani

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Shorts & Documentaries

Portrait of the Artist as his muse
Dir. Etienne Desrosiers
[Canada/English/9 mins/35mm/2007]

The Dance of the enchantress/La Danse de l'enchanteresse
Dir. Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Brigitte Chataignier
[France/Malayalam/75 mins/35mm/2007]

Before the Brush dropped/Before the Brush dropped
Dir. Vinod Mankara
[India/English/31 mins/35mm/2007]

A Song for argyris/Ein Lied fur Argyris
Dir. Stephen Haupt
[Switzerland/Swiss,german french greek/105 mins/35mm/2006]

Total Denial
Dir. Milena Kaneva

Dir. Subhash K.R.
[India/20 mins]

In the Shadows/Eth Ekia
Dir. Dimitris Apostolou

Dir. Theophilos Papastylianos
[Greece/Greek/16 mins/35mm/2006]

Red or Grey
Dir. Samaneh Momtazmand
[Iran/Farsi/3 mins/35mm/2007]

Coffee Break/Kaffepausen
Dir. Johannes Pico Geerdsen
[Denmark/Danish/10 mins/35mm/2006]

Dir. Axel Koenzen
[Germany/German/39 mins/35mm/2006]

Wing the fish that talked back
Dir. Ricky Rijneke
[Netherlands/Cantonese,mandorin/13 mins/35mm/2007]

The Parabolic dish/La Parabolica
Dir. Xavi Sala
[Spain/Spanish/12 mins/35mm/2007]

The song of the cricket/El Canto del grillo
Dir. Danny campos
[Spain/Spanish/18 mins/35mm/2007]

Where is estel?/Where is estel?
Dir. Jared Katsiane
[USA/English/3 mins/16mm/2007]

Dir. Jeane Rektorik
[Switzerland/French/14 mins/35mm/2007]

I want to be a pilot/I want to be a pilot
Dir. Diego Quemada diez
[Spain, mexico, Kenya/English/12 mins/35mm/2006]

[Spain/11 mins]

The end/Andhiyum
Dir. Jacob Varghese
[India/Malayalam/14 mins/35mm/2006]

Eels/Am im Schadel
Dir. Martin Rahmlow
[Germany/German/18 mins/35mm/2006]

Before and After kissing Maria/antes y depres de besar o Maria
Dir. Ramon alos
[Spain/Spanish/7 mins/35mm/2006]

Tickets Please/Boletos Por favor
[Spain/spanish/14 mins/35mm/2007]

Nine minutes to nirvana
Dir. Naren multani
[India/English/11 mins/35mm/2007]

The sand/Manal
Dir. Tony sukumar
[India/Malayalam/17 mins/35mm/2007]

[Mexico/spanish/10 mins/35mm/2007]

End of the line
[Mexico/spanish/10 mins/35mm/2007]

Masculine Iridiscence
[Mexico/spanish/10 mins/35mm/2007]

Little girl waiting
[Mexico/spanish/10 mins/35mm/2007]

If eyes can't see
[Mexico/Spanish/10 mins/35mm/2007]

Distinguishing Features
[Mexico/Spanish/10 mins/35mm/2007]

The Groundwork/Kaliyorukkam
Dir. S sunil
[India/Malayalam/46 mins/35mm/2007]

Great Expectations/Grosse Erwartungen
Dir. Pascal Leister
[Germany/German/7 mins/35mm/2007]

All about it
[Mexico/Spanish/10 mins/35mm/2007]

The city of photographers/La Ciudad de Los Photographos
Dir. Sebastien Moleno
[Chile/Spanish/80 mins/35mm/2006]

Nomads TX/Nomadak Tx
Dir. Raul de la fuente
[Spain/Basque, Spanish, gujarati, Tsaatan, bereber,
french, Sahuraui, suomi,english/86 mins/2006]

Loving Maradona/Amando a Maradona
Dir. Javier Vazquez
[Argentina/Spanish/75 mins/2006]

Dir. Nejib Bekadhi

Potosi, the journey/Le temps du voyage, Potosi
[France/Hebrew, spanish, english/366 mins/2007]

Missing shot of Life
Dir. Dr. Prasad Kr. Prasad
[India/Malayalam/5 mins/2007]

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Students Films

Dir. Sanju Surendran
India (Malayalam/20 mins/35mm/2007)

My Best friend
Dir. Swaroop Srinivas

Karna motcham/Son of Sun is strongest
Dir. S. Murali Manohar
[India/Tamil/14 mins/35mm/2007]

The lost rainbow/Harvalele Indradhanushaya
Dir. Dhiraj Meshram
[India/Marathi/22 mins/35mm/2007]

Echoes of silence
Dir. Reema borah
[India/English, Khasi/24 mins/35mm/2007]

The fantastic life of Mr. Tripathi
Dir. Amit raj
[India/Hindi/22 mins/35mm/2007]

Red Shoes/lal juto
Dir. Shweta Merchant
[India/Bengali/23 mins/35mm/2007]

Chinese Whispers
Dir. Raka Dutta
[India/28 mins/35mm/2007]

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Aime Cesaire: A Voice for History/Aime Cesaire: A Voice for History
dir:Euzhan Palcy

Ava & Gabriel: A Love Story/Ava & Gabriel: Un historia di amor
dir:Felix de Rooy

Man by the Shore/L’Homme Sur le Quais
dir:Raoul Peck

Playing Away
dir:Horace Ove

The Harder They Come
dir:Perry Henzell

The Terror and the Time
dir:Rupert Roopnaraine

A One Way Ticket/Un Pasaje De Ida
[Domnican Republic/Spanish//35mm/Colour/1988]
dir:Agliberto Melendez

One People/Wan Pipel
[Surinam/Dutch/111’/ 1974]
dir:Pim De La Parra

Scent of an Oak
dir: Rigoberto Lopez

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Totally personal/Sasvim Licno
dir:Nedzad Begovic

dir:Svetozar Ristovski

dir:Srdan Golubovic

[Croatia-Serbia and Montenegro/Serbo-Croatian/107’/2005]
dir:Isa Qosja

Dear enemy
dir:Gjergj Xhuvani

What is a man without a moustache/Sto je muskarac bez brkova?
[Croatia-Serbia and Montenegro/Serbo-Croatian/109’/2005]
dir:Hrvoje Hribar

Border post
[UK, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Republic of Macedonia,
dir:Rajko Grlic

Whose Song is This?
[Albania-Bosnia and Hercegovina-Bulgaria-Greece-Macedonia-Serbia-Turkey/70’/2003]
dir:Adela Peeva

Das Fraulein
[Germany,switzerland, bosnia herzogovina/Germa, serbo-croat/81”/2007]
dir: Andrea Staka

Days and hours
[Bosnia herzogovnia/serbocroat/78 mins/2007]
dir:Pjer Jalica

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Quand tu descendras du ciel
dir:Eric Guirado

Voisins voisines
dir:Malik Chibane

dir:Philippe Faucon

Zim and Co
dir:Pierre Jolivet

Wesh wesh qu’est-ce qui se passe?
dir:Rabah Ameur-Zaďmčche

Oublier Cheyyene
dir:Valerie Minetto

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1 18 J
dir:Israel Adrián Caetano, Carlos Sorín, Daniel Burman, Alberto Lecchi ,
Alejandro Doria, Lucía Cedrón, Juan Bautista Stagnaro, Mauricio
Wainrot, Marcelo Schapces, Adrián Suar [Synopsis]

To Each His Own Cinema
dir: Theo Angelopoulos, Olivier Assayas, Bille August, Jane Campion,
Youssef Chahine, Chen Kaige, David Cronenberg, Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne,
Manoel de Oliveira, Raymond Depardon, Atom Egoyan, Amos Gitai, Hou Hsiao-hsien,
Alejandro González Ińárritu, , Aki Kaurismäki, Abbas Kiarostami, Takeshi Kitano, Andrei Konchalovsky,
Claude Lelouch, Ken Loach, David Lynch, Nanni Moretti, Roman Polanski,
Raúl Ruiz, Walter Salles, Elia Suleiman, Tsai Ming-liang, Gus Van Sant,
Lars von Trier, Wim Wenders, Wong Kar-wai , Zhang Yimou

Persian carpets
[Iran//120 min/35 mm / Colour/2007]
Majid Majidi, Bahram Beizaee, Abbas Kia Rostami, by Dariush Mehrjouee,
Rakhshan Banietemad, Khosrow Sinaee, Reza Mir Karimi, Behrouz Afkhami Nourodin
Zarrin Kelk Bahaman Farmanara, Seifollah Dad, Aqa Seyyed Reza,
Mojtaba Raee, Jafar Panahi, Kamal Tabrizi, Mohammad Reza Honarmand.

Paris Je T’aime
dir: Olivier Assayas, Frédéric Auburtin, Gurinder Chadha, Sylvain Chomet,
Joel Coen, Ethan Coen, Isabelle Coixet, Wes Craven, Alfonso Cuarón, Gérard Depardieu,
Raymond Depardon, Christopher Doyle, Richard LaGravenesse, Vincenzo Natali,
Alexander Payne, Bruno Podalydes, Walter Salles, Oliver Schmitz, Nobuhiro Suwa,
Daniela Thomas, Tom Tykwer, Gus Van Sant

Aids Jaago
dir:Mira Nair, Farhan akhtar, Vishal bharadwaj,Santosh Sivan

Dus Kahaniya
dir: Sanjay Gupta, Apoorva Lakhia, Hansal Mehta, Jasmeet Dhodi, Meghna Gulzar, Rohit Roy
[Official Site]

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[Brazil/Portuguese/90 mins/2006]
dir:Tata Amoral

The secret life of words
[Argentina/spanish/112 mins/2005]
dir:Issabelle Croixette

My life without me
dir:Issabelle Croixette

The Swamp
dir:Lucrecia martel

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Khuda ke liye/Khuda ke liye
[Pakistan/urdu, hindi]
dir:Shoaib Mansoor

The circle/dayereh
dir:Jafer Panahi

Walking Julie Home
[Poland, Germany/113 mins/2002]
dir: Agneiszka Holland

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The Last moon [chile/spanish/105mins/2004] dir:Miguel littin [Synopsis]

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