Manjupoloru Penkutty - 2004
(A Snowy Girl)

The film deals with the dread of sexual abuse by a father figure. Placing an adolescent girl at the centre of its narrative, the film delves into the bleak experiences of an adolescent girl who is preyed upon by her stepfather, and has to go through hell to overcome the threat. The film places its theme in the social context of the urban upper middle class apartment life of Kerala, where parents are professionals, community bonding is virtually absent, and the ‘overgrown’ children are left to fend for themselves. In the process, the film menacingly depicts the diabolic aspect of male sexuality- one that is caught between vulgar flirting that constantly ogles into the privacy of women or one that is secretive and potentially violent.

Direction: Kamal
Screenplay: Kalavoor Ravikumar
Cast: Amrita, Jayakrishnan, Lalu Alex, Bhanupriya, Suresh Krishna
Cinematography: P Sukumar
Editing: K Rajagopal
Music: Alphons Joseph

Perumazhakkalam - 2004
(At the time of deluge)

The story revolves around Ganga and Razia, both living in different environments, but faced with similar tragedies in their lives.

Razia is married to Akbar and Ganga to Raghuram Iyer, where both the men working in a Gulf country. Tragedy strikes when Akbar accidentally kills Raghuram Iyear and is sentenced to death by the court of that country. The law could make an exception if the widow of the victim is willing to forgive the accused. Razia meets Ganga to seek her forgiveness. The whole of the film happens in a backdrop of heavy rain.

Direction: Kamal
Screenplay: T A Razak Cast: Meera Jasmine, Kavya Madhavan, Mammu Koya, Biju Menon, Dileep, Vineeth
Cinematography: P Sukumar
Editing: K Rajagopal
Music: M Jayachandran

Rappakal - 2005
(Day and Night)

Krishnan is the backbone of Easwaramangalam Kovilakam an aristocratic Nair ‘tharavad’ where he lives with Saraswathi Amma. Krishnan is a simpleton who came to this house when he was a child and is a loyal servant. Saraswathi Amma’s children are all busy with their work living in cities and now she lives alone with Krishnan who adores her.

Gowri, a new maid is called for help in the kitchen when Saraswathi Amma’s children and other family members decide to have a get together in the ‘tharavad’. It is like festival at Easwaramangalam, but soon the truth is revealed that everyone wants partition, and the ancestral ‘tharavad’ is demolished. Saraswathi Amma is forced to live with her youngest son in the city.

Direction: Kamal
Screenplay: T A Razak Cast: Mammootty, Sarada, Geethu Mohandas, Nayan Thara, Balachandra Menon
Cinematogrpahy: P Sukumar
Music: Mohan Sithara

Karuthapakshikal - 2006
(Black Birds)

Murukan, a Tamil migrant worker and washer-man by profession, is leading a miserable life. His family -sans his wife who passed away recently - consists of three kids, a boy and two girls. They have made and adobe in a slum, mostly inhibited by Tamilians itself.

To add to his woes, his youngest daughter Malli was born as blind. She can gain sight only if someone donates his or hers eyes to her. His hopes are kindled when Suvarna, their benefactress who is ailing from cancer promises to donate her eyes after her death.

But fate is not on their side as is the lot of the poor and the marginalised, even as Murukan plans to move to the next destination.

Direction & Screenplay: Kamal
Cast: Mammootty, Padmapriya, Meena, Jagathy Srekumar, T G Ravi
Cinematography: P Sukumar
Editing: K Rajagopal
Music: Mohan Sithara

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