a k lohithadas

Lohithadas started his career in the literary field as a short story writer and playwright. Later he turned to films as a scriptwriter and is known as one of the most successful scriptwriter for commercial Malayalam cinema. The films like Bharatham, Kireedam and Thaniavarthanam, which he wrote for director Sibi Malayil were huge commercial successes while critically acclaimed.

His first directorial venture Bhoothakannadi won him several awards including the National award for best debut film.

Selected Filmography:

Bhoothakannadi - 1997
(The Magnifying Glass)

Vidyadharan, a watch repairer, is an odd man, extremely finicky about cleanliness, sometimes he even goes to the extent of mistaking coffee powder for tiny ants in a cup of coffee. He is scared of darkness and snakes. His lack of courage forced him to marry a girl of his father's choice and bury his childhood love for Sarojini. He is also extremely possessive about his only daughter, Sreekutty. Both Vidyadharan and his daughter believe it was the hunter who killed Sarojini's daughter. In an unexpected encounter with the hunter, Vidyadharan kills him and gets jailed.

One night, Sarojini's 15-year-old daughter is raped and killed. After this incident Vidyadharan's fear grows. Fearing for the safety of his little daughter, he hides himself in the attic keeping his little one close to him.

In the claustrophobic atmosphere of prison, Vidyadharan's fears multiply. The real world of Vidyadharan merges into the frightening, cruel world of fantasy.

Direction & Screenplay: A K Lohithadas
Cast: Mammootty, Srilakshmi
Cinematography: Venu

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