history of malayalam cinema

Neelakuyil - 1954
(The Blue Cuckoo)

Neelakuyil paved a new path for Malayalam cinema by breaking away from the earlier tradition of copying Tamil or Hindi films and making Malayalam films, of which the story or the characters could never be identified with the culture of Kerala.

Based on a story by famous Malayalam writer Uroob, Neelakuyil had dialogues with local accent and memorable performances by new comer actor Satyan and camera work by A Vincent.

A Harijan girl, Neeli, is found dead with her illegitimate child, which is adopted by the postman, a high-caste Hindu. This act of the postman is highly criticised by the villagers. Eventually, the child's real father, also an upper caste Hindu, acknowledges paternity, thus breaking the caste barrier.

The songs of Neelakuyil penned by P Bhaskaran and composed by K Raghavan had authentic Malayalam tunes and became highly popular among the masses.

Co-Direction: P Bhaskaran
Co-Direction: Ramu Kariat
Story & Screenplay: Uroob (P C Kuttykrishnan)
Cast: Miss.Kumari, Satyan, P Bhaskaran
Cinematography: A Vincent
Music: K Raghavan

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