C P Padmakumar started his career as an art director and associate director with director G Aravindan. His first directorial venture was Aparna (1981). His second film Sammohanam received the Best of the Fest Award at the Edinborough International Film Festival in 1995.

Selected Filmography:

Sammohanam - 1994

A mysteriously seductive girl, Pennu ('the girl') comes to a quiet village, creating a strange chasm among male folks, breaking marriages and old friendships. Ummini, a trader who travels to the city and back providing a link for the village to the outer world, and Pennu eventually form a couple, but the turmoil she caused among the locals results in Chindan, a sugar mill operator, mistakenly knifing Ambu, a backward helper and drowning himself. Pennu is forced to leave the village in the end, having dislocated it with her sexuality.

Direction: C.P.Padmakumar
Screenplay: Balakrishnan Mangad
Cast: Archana, Murali, Nedumudi Venu
Cinematography: M J Radhakrishnan
Music: Ilaiyaraja

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