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Rajeevnath made his first feature film at the age of 25, Thanal which won awards for direction, acting and editing. His later films, Kadal Theerathu, based on a short story by O V Vijayan and Aham were critically acclaimed.

Janani won him the National Film award for best director in 1999. A biographical film, Moksham is his latest film.

Selected Filmography:

Janani - 1999

Janani narrates the story of seven retired nuns living in a convent located in a remote mountain village who discover an abandoned baby in their chapel during Christmas Mass. They lavish their love on this tiny baby with the full intent of sending him to an orphanage or returning him to his natural mother or adopting him to a qualified couple. Instead, through a series of circumstances, the baby stays. They become more and more attached to the baby. Then the day arrives, when the baby must be taken to the orphanage, and only memories remain.

Janani won Rajeevnath the national award for best director in 1999.

Direction & Co-Screenplay: Rajeevnath
Co-Screenplay: Zachariah
Cast: Latiff, Kavitha, Rosiline
Cinematography: Suresh P Nair
Editing: Bina

Moksham - 2004

Radha Madhavan is on his way back to India with his mother's body. The mother has died while they were visiting their dear ones. Suddenly he finds the flight landing in an alien place and discovers that all the air traffic is stalled due to a terrorist attack. No one knows when they will be able to resume their journey. He refuses to leave his mother and is helped by a half Indian-half Russian lady anthropologist. He initially rejects her pleas to cremate the body there, since he had promised his mother that she would be laid to rest near her husband. But then things get out of hand and he is forced to do so. His mother's soul is carried by the 'panchaboothas' to her final destination.

Direction & Screenplay: Rajeevnath
Cast: Zeenath Aman, Anoop Menon, Jagathy Sreekumar
Cinematography: Alagappan
Editing: K Sreenivas
Music: Balabhaskar

Pakal Nakshatrangal - 2008
(Stars of the Day Light)

Siddharthan, a genius writer and film director is found dead in the premises of ‘Daffodils’ his favorite hangout, where he had spend hid lazy evenings with his friends, with whom he discussed about everything under the sun and shared his innermost secrets. The police suspect he was murdered but failed to find any real clues to the culprit.

Ten years after Siddarthan’s mysterious death, his friends once again plan a visit to ‘Daffodils’, for the last time, as the building is slated for demolition. But this time they witness something that they never expected.

Direction: T Rajeevnath
Screenplay: Anoop Menon
Cast: Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi, Anoop Menon, Murali, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Arun, Jagathy Sreekumar
Cinematography: Ramachandra Babu
Editing: K Sreenivas
Music: Shahabas Aman

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