Kaiyoppu - 2007

Balachandran, a bachelor, who works as a clerk in a fertilizer company is a voracious reader right from his childhood. Slowly and steadily, he develops interest in writing as well. He starts penning down his long suppressed feelings, creating literary masterpieces, some of which get published. His intermittent writings slowly take shape of a novel. When a renowned literary critic speaks about his unfinished novel in a public meeting, a strong desire to finish the novel is induced in him. Various publishers approach him for publishing his work. But suddenly, his mind becomes blank like the paper before him and he is caught in a writer's block.

Direction & Screenplay: Ranjith
Cast: Mammootty, Khushboo, Mukesh, Nedumudi Venu, Mammu Koya, Narayanan Nair, Jaffer, Neena Kurup, Ayisha
Cinematography: Manoj Pillai
Editing: Beena Paul
Music: Manikanth, Vidyasagar

Thirakkatha - 2008

Akbar Ahmed, a film director after his highly successful first film becomes the most wanted director in the Malayalam film industry. Akbar and his girl friend Devayani along with a group of friends, all share a passion for Cinema. Akbar decides to choose a very different kind of story for his second film and he sets on a journey in search of it.

Akbar decides to base his second film on the life of yesteryear actress Malavika, who was once a very popular actress and whose present whereabouts are unknown. Akbar and his friends go tracking Malavika’s biography. Her husband Ajaya Chandran currently is the reigning super star of the industry. Akbar starts his search from the late film director Aby Kuruvila’s house. Kuruvila’s son gives his father’s old letters and diaries to Akbar from which he starts learning about the whirlwind romance of Malavika and Ajayachandran which led to marriage. How differences between them led to a break up and how this affected their careers along with Akbar's efforts to find Malavika form the major plot of the film.

Direction & Screenplay: Renjith
Cast: Prithviraj, Priyamani, Anoop Menon, Samvrutha Sunil, Nishanth Sagar, Renjith, Mallika Sukumaran, Cochin Haneefa
Cinematography: M J Radhakrishnan
Editing: Vijay Shankar
Music: Sharath

Kerala Café - 2009

This is a compilation of ten different short films directed by ten different directors on the common theme of journeys with each filmmaker presenting his / her cinematic impression of contemporary Kerala. The independent narratives integrate when during these journeys their characters pass through Kerala Café, a quaint railway cafeteria thereby creating a joint mosaic of issues and impressions in a symbiotic space and time. The film begins and ends in Kerala Café from where we move on to the first story and its there that it all ends, thus weaving a connection of sorts between the ten shorts.

Directors: Shyamaprasad, Lal Jose, Shaji Kailas, B Unnikrishnan, Revathy, Anvar Rasheed, Padmakumar, Anjali Menon, Uday Ananthan, Sankar Ramakrishnan
Producer: Ranjith
Cinematography: Madhu Ambat, S Kumar, Azhagappan, M J Radhakrishnan, K U Mohanan, Manoj Pillai, Vijay Ulakanath, Sham Dutt, Sujith Vasudev, Suresh Rajan
Editing: Ranjan Abraham, Bina Paul Venugopal, Don Max, Vijay Sankar, Vinod Sukumaran, Vivek Harshan, Ajith Kumar, Mahesh Narayanan, Sreehith, Sajan
Music: Ouseppachan, Vidyasagar, Rajamony, Sarath, M Jayachandran, Bombay Jaysree, Alex Paul, Biji Bala, Thej Mervin, Rahul Raj

Paleri Manikyam : Oru Pathira Kolapathakathinte Katha - 2009
(Paleri Manikyam : A Midnight Murder Story)

The story revolves around the unnatural death of a young woman named Manikyam in Paleri, a small village in northern Kerala, in late 1950s. Although it was claimed by her in-laws that she died after an epilepsy attack, examination of the body revealed it to be a case of murder. The police charged three locals with the murder, only to be released by the court describing the prosecution's case as flawed. With no further investigation, the case had, since then, gone cold over the years, eventually acquiring the status of an unsolved mystery.

Around 52 years later, Haridas, who was born in the same village but who now lives in New Delhi, sets out on a journey to Paleri hoping to solve this mystery, and is joined by Sarayu, a crime analyst.

Most of the clues lead him to zero in on Ahmed Haji, a cruel feudal landlord who lived in Paleri during that period. It was obvious why his name did not figure in police reports from that era; he was so powerful and influential in Paleri at that time. Now, however, Haridas is searching for concrete and conclusive evidence that will help him to solve this mystery, which he finds at last, much to his surprise.

Direction & Screenplay: Ranjith
Story: T P Rajeevan
Cast: Mammootty, Swetha Menon, Gowri Munchal, Mythili, Siddique, Sreenivasan
Cinematography: Manoj Pillai
Editing: Vijay Sankar
Music: Sarath, Bijibal

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