After doing his degree in Theatre Arts from the School of Drama, Calicut University, Shyamaprasad received the Commonwealth Scholarship in 1989 and did his Master in Media Production at the Hull University, U K. He worked as a media researcher and creative contributor for the BBC. Some of his most interesting work has been with Channel Four Televisions of Britain for their multi-racial programs. His features for TV and cinema have won him several national and state awards.

Selected Filmography:

Agnisakshi - 1998
(With Fire as Witness)

Based on renowned Malayalam writer Lalithambika Antharjanam's novel of the same name, Agnisakshi is set in the early 30s against the backdrop of the freedom struggle.

Unni marries Devaki and brings her into the fold of his Namboothiri illam. Bound by the plethora of traditional beliefs, customs and rituals that constitute life within four walls of the joint family, Unni is unable to be the husband that he would have liked to be. Yet, they understand and love each other immensely. Guarded by the fortress of tradition, the family remains oblivious to the winds of change sweeping through society. Though Unni is aware, he shuts the door to everything that his family will never be able to comprehend or accept.

But Devaki, who is essentially of a different mould, longs to step out into the world - and is finally forced to do so.

Agnisakshi won several awards including the State award for best director and the 'Aravindan Puraskaram' for the best debut film.

Direction & Screenplay: Shyamaprasad
Cast: Rajit Kapur, Sobhana, Srividya, Praveena, Madhupal, Madambu
Cinematography: Alagappan
Editing: Bina

Akale - 2004
(At a Distance)

Akale is inspired by the American classic play by Tennessee Williams- 'The Glass Menagerie'.

The film is set in the seventies in a shabby seaside house occupied by Margaret Evans and her two adult children: shy, fragile Rosa, and Neil, a restless, poetic soul trapped in a stifling factory job. Neil's dilemma forms a central conflict of the film, as he faces an agonising choice between responsibility for his family and living his own life.

Neil Evans narrates this, revisiting a time when his family longs to escape their meagre existence by creating idealised fantasy worlds. A dream-like, illusory atmosphere helps to create a powerful representation of family, memory, and loss.

Akale bagged six Kerala State Awards and two National Awards.

Direction & Screenplay: Shyamaprasad
Cast: Pritviraj , Sheela, Geetu Mohandas, Tom George, Sreelekha Mitra
Cinematography: S Kumar
Editing: Vinod Sukumaran
Music: M Jayachandran

Ore Kadal - 2007
(The Sea Within)

Dr. S R Nathan is an internationally acclaimed economist. He is a thinker and he is researching on fiscal and economic matters and developments and travels around the world. Though he has name and fame and is an intellectual of high class, he is basically a loner and an alcoholic. He doesn't pay any heed to the way he dresses and ends up looking shabby. In strange circumstance he meets Deepthi, a middle-class housewife, who lives in the same apartment complex. There develops a relationship between the husband and wife and the economist.

Based on a classical Bengali novel, Ore Kadal is set in an India that is moving rapidly towards globalisation - a background where socio-cultural changes are overturning age-old value systems of the middle class so swiftly that the dividing lines between right and wrong, loyalty and betrayal, honesty and deceit, grow increasingly blurred, trapping the two protagonists of the film in a limbo of self-torture they must live with.

Direction & Screenplay: Shyamaprasad
Cast: Mammooty, Meera Jasmine, Narain, Remya Krishnan
Cinematography: Azhagappan
Editing: Vinod Sukumaran, Sreekar Prasad
Music: Ouseppachan

Ritu - 2009

Ritu is a graceful and breezy story of the journey of the three young people who move through a fascinating season in their lives different from the earlier one they really cherished. Sarat Varma, Varsha John and Sunny Immatty, while growing up together in love and in their beautiful innocence, where almost inseparable, and their love for each other indivisible. Yet, a time comes when the three of them stumble upon the truth about themselves. Suddenly, they find themselves in a new light. In fright and pain they ask themselves are we really what we think we are?

Direction: Shyamaprasad
Screenplay: Joshua Newtonn
Cast: Nishan, Asif Ali, Rima, JayaMohan, M G Sasi, Manu Jose, K Govindan Kutty
Cinematography: Shamdar
Editing: Vinod Sukumaran

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