After completing his course in acting at Adayar Film Institute, Sreenivasan started his film career with a role in P A Backer's Manimuzhakkam. He took up script writing with Odarathu Ammava Aalarayam directed by Priyadarshan. Latter he teamed up with directors Priyadarshan and Sathyan Anthikkadu as both actor and script writer in creating several comedies, which became huge successes.

The two films directed by Sreenivasan, Vadakkunokki yantram (1989) and Chintavistayaya Shyamala (1998) established his position as a director. Even while adopting the format of popular films, these films goes much beyond the stereotype comedies seen before in Malayalam. These dark comedies reflected the ridiculous conditions of the Malayalee middle class. Sreenivasan won several State awards as actor, script writer and director.

Selected Filmography:

Vadakkunokki Yantram - 1989

Thalathil Dineshan, the protagonist lives according to the advices he gets from the 'psychiatric adviser' column of a weekly. Now he is facing a great problem, his marriage is fixed, his to be wife is a beautiful girl and Dineshan an ugly looking, dark and short man. He writes to the weekly for advices to win over the girl but never receives any reply. Then he turns to his friend, a local newspaper reporter, for advices. Dineshan plays several foolish acts according to his advice to win over his wife and slowly looses his grip over reality and ends up in a mental hospital.

Vadakkunokki yantram won the State award for best film.

Direction & Screenplay: Sreenivasan
Cast: Sreenivasan, Parvathi, Innocent, Lalitha
Cinematography: Venu
Editing: N Gopalakrishnan
Music: Johnson

Chintavisthayaya Shyamala -
(The Pensive Shyamala)

Shyamala is totally worried, worried about her children's future, the reason for which is her husband Vijayan's irresponsible life. Vijayan, originally a schoolteacher, believes that he is capable of doing much more than mere teaching school children, and ventures into many inexperienced business and fails. In his attempts to escape from the day to day realities of life he eventually takes up spirituality and reaches a monastery in hope that he can spent his rest of the life without doing any work. When his fellow inmate of the monastery ridicules him, he returns home to find his wife and children living in a better way.

Direction & Screenplay: Sreenivasan
Cast: Sreenivasan, Sangeetha, Thilakan, Innocent, Sudeesh, Siddique, Mamu Koya
Cinematography: S Kumar
Editing: Srigar Prasad
Music: Johnson

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