Punaradhivasam - 1999
(The Rehabilitation)

The story revolves around the fragility of human relationships and the constant struggle for inner peace. Punaradhivasam is an expose of the familiar tensions in a middle class family. Seeking refuge in each other, all the characters find themselves entangled in a vicious circle of uncertainties.

Sudhakaran, bound by his profession, lives in the city, leaving behind his ailing and desolate father in far-off village. In a frantic bid to bridge the gap between them, Sudhakaran's father tries to keep the relationship alive with loving letters. Savithri, an epitome of love and mercy, nurses Sudhakaran's bed-ridden father. Sudhakaran's father compels him to marry Savithri…

Direction: V K Prakash
Screenplay: P Balachandran Cast: Manoj K Jayan, Nandiata Das, Praveena, Lalu Alex, P Balachandran
Cinematography: Ravi K Chandran
Editing: Suresh Urs
Music: Louis Banks, Sivamani

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